• Dave Mac Donald

Lost Gold Coin Pendant found Pt. Mugu State Park

The sand is a tough place to find something without an experienced metal detectorist to help you

I got a call from a really upset young man this afternoon as he had lost his gold coin pendant that had been passed down to him by his grandmother. Somehow while he was trying to keep it safe before he went for a swim he inadvertently lost it in the sand. He had spent an hour looking for it before he found me and 45 minutes later I met him in the parking lot and followed him to the sand. After cleaning the area of a bottle cap and foil wrappers I got a solid 12/13 on the Equinox dug my scoop in and I was able to yell “we gotta bingo!” and the gold coin was back home once again. Cory did the right thing and called in a professional to find his jewelry and if you lose your ring or pendant call or text immediately at 805-290-5009 so we can recover your valuables.


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